A day without meat!

4 Jan

So unintentionally, I went vegetarian today (ok, I did have a hard boiled egg, for those contrarians out there!)

I went for round two with the greek yogurt tub I opened yesterday, but tried to get creative with the grape & nut addition.  It ended up looking more like an upside down peace sign than anything particularly pretty, but maybe I’m on to something here with how to create world peace over breakfast?  …or not.

For lunch, our office indulged in our favorite lunch- sandwiches from The Bakery Station.  I’ve already sung their praises on Yelp.com, but I’ll never be finished sharing the love that is a VW sandwich.  This adorable new spot is locally owned and offers up some of the most delicious breads, sandwiches and baked goods you could imagine.  Even if I didn’t work in Salinas, I would drive there for a bite.  Their signature sandwiches are cleverly named after cars…  The VW is a veggie on wheat, but it is unlike any veggie sandwich I’ve ever had.  The combo of jalapenos and apple slices is unfreakingbelievable (and yes, that’s a word) and their bread is beyond compare…. truly worthy of the title “phabulous”!

I was still full from lunch when I got home tonight.  My bistro outing had to be postponed, so I threw together a hodge podge salad of what I had in my fridge- romaine, watercress, carrot, goat cheese and the egg I hardboiled.  I splurged at the grocery store over the weekend and bought some fancier balsamic vinegar than I normally would.  Holy crap, did it make a difference!  Normally, I don’t make salads at home, because, well I suck at it.  Tonight, however, I am proud to say I kicked some serious salad ass.

Tomorrow… planning to get up in time for a legit breakfast (let’s not hold our breath, now!), will be enjoying some southern treats for lunch and will hopefully be making it to my bistro dinner in the evening.  If so, I’ll definitely be indulging…  I was told today that my healthy choices thus far were “an inspiration”- ha!  We’ll see how long I can keep myself on this virtual pedestal.  I give myself a week- tops!

If you were going to pick a place to splurge, where would you go?


2 Responses to “A day without meat!”

  1. Central Coast Localite January 4, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    Chez Panisse….I am going for my 40th birthday if not sooner….

  2. Kristen Botill January 5, 2011 at 4:14 pm #

    Splurging at Gary Danko this Saturday! Love your blog!!! 🙂

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