The accessories make the outfit.

6 Jan

Today was a busy day, so breakfast and lunch lacked allure just a bit more than I’d normally allow.

I polished off the Greek yogurt for breakfast, but just to keep it interesting, I stirred blackberry jam into it.  Exciting, eh?  I think the excitement is really solidified when you notice that I didn’t even take it out of the Tupperware.

Lunch consisted of what some would call leftover chili that I salvaged from my broken refrigerator.  What I see, however, is quite different.  Much like the perfect party dress, when you find a classic, you want to get as much wear out of it as humanly possible.  That’s why God created accessories.  Just think how different the dish would look with a great pair of dangly earrings!  So yes, this may be the same chili I dined on a few nights ago, but with the stunning background, the ramekin instead of my mother’s hideous dinnerware, and different lighting, it’s a whole new dish, right?  Right.  That was rhetorical, by the way…

I treated myself to dinner at Elli’s with my work BFF.  Yes, I just said BFF, mostly just because I know she will read this, and I want to make her laugh- although I am pretty sure I achieved that when I found bacon in my shoe as we left the restaurant.

Don’t ask… because I don’t have an explanation.

I thought I was making a healthy choice, going with a soup/salad combo of Tomato Rice and a Caesar with dressing on the side.  Little did I know that a terribly sneaky yet equally delicious grilled cheese gremlin would be lurking on my plate.  I tried to do that “I’ll just have one bite” thing.  That worked out REALLY well, if by REALLY well, I actually meant the total opposite of that working out.  I still feel slightly disgusting for eating it, but hind sight is 20/20.  I don’t think the bacon on the Caesar really helped the cause too much either.

Tomorrow, phoodfotos heads to San Diego to keep it classy and discover some new phoods on which to pheast our eyes!


One Response to “The accessories make the outfit.”

  1. Central Coast Localite January 6, 2011 at 11:28 pm #

    I wish I had bacon in my shoe…..

    Check out cafe Chloe on 9th & G…….sigh….my favorite.

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