I normally LOVE pizza…

7 Jan

Breakfast wasn’t on the agenda this morning, but I found some Clementines in my car (yes, I know how creepy that sounds!)  Anyhow, I felt the need to be creative… so enjoy the orange spider below 🙂

Lunch was also not on the agenda. Trying to tie up loose ends at work and head out of town for the weekend doesn’t leave room for phabulous phood.  Thankfully, a kind fellow brought by a half of a meatball sandwich from Pizza Factory.  I’d been having a hankering for one ever since seeing Black Swan.  Natalie Portman needs to eat about 50 hot meatball subs- with lots of provolone…

I know airports aren’t typically known for haute cuisine, but how do you go wrong with pizza, right?  Or so I thought!  I had four thoughts as I took  three bites of this.  #1- This doesn’t taste very good.  #2- This doesn’t look very good. #3- This isn’t worthy of being eaten nor photographed.  #4- Where is the trash can?  Sorry Pizza My Heart, but if this slice was an indication of your typical pizza offerings, I will never be dining with you again.  Soggy, slimy crust that was burnt on the bottom, greasy beyond greasy sausage, bland peppers- SO unphabulous…

My flight was delayed into San Diego, so culinary adventures will start tomorrow…  See you later, phoodies!


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