Nostalgia may induce poor late night phood choices

9 Jan

Good morning, San Diego!

I hosted a baby shower brunch for my soon to arrive Godson at World Famous in Pacific Beach (  This Warm Spinach salad with chicken was on our selected menu and while I normally don’t enjoy raw spinach, this was awesome.  Highly recommended if you’re in the area, but plan to take some home.  I think I got through 1/4 of this at most.

Late brunch led to early dinner at Il Postino in North Park (

The service left a bit to be desired (we ended up busing our own table), but most of what we ordered was quite tasty.  Excellent and extensive wine list!  I shared the Calamari Caruso- quite good!

We also ordered the burrata and the “Il Postino” pizza.  The burrata was literally inedible it was so overdone, but I’d bet on a less busy night it’d be pretty ok.  The pizza was on arugula overload, but the prosciutto and white truffle oil combo made it work.  I had one piece of the Il Postino.  I arranged the two dishes on my own plate, because while the food is good here, the presentation is not the focus by any means.

We were celebrating a birthday, so this White Velvet Cake from Twiggs on Adams ( ) ended our meal.  I only indulged in a bite, but it was seriously moist and delicious.  I also know the price wasn’t unreasonable… quite a find bakery-wise!

After dinner, I ventured downtown to The Shout House ( and was entertained by dueling pianos until closing.  Then, for old times’ sake, a college friend and I decided to venture back to our old late night burrito haunt, “Coti’s” (  Let’s just say it seemed like a great idea at the time… that time being 2:30am.  This morning, I’m not so sure… thankfully I quit about halfway through.  I hope this serves as photographic evidence for the readers who have commented on my “healthy” eating!

Now for culinary explorations in Solana Beach!


2 Responses to “Nostalgia may induce poor late night phood choices”

  1. Kristen Botill January 10, 2011 at 9:03 am #

    I can’t believe you went to Coti’s. So gross! Also, I love the use of a particular person’s least favorite word when describing their birthday cake. Well done. 🙂

    • phabulousness January 10, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

      I do what I can 🙂 Coti’s was some of the best inebriated college student watching I have ever experienced!

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