End of the phirst week

10 Jan

Today included a late brunch in Solana Beach and a rushed burrito in the San Diego airport as I wrapped up my phun-filled weekend in San Diego and enjoyed a delayed trip back to reality.

For brunch at Claire’s on Cedros, I ordered the Caprese Frittata (by recommendation of the waitress) and the Sonoma sandwich (by recommendation of my stomach).  The frittata was originally covered by a massive arugula salad, which I promptly removed.  A few bites of the egg/tomato portion was enough- nothing spectacular.

The sandwich, however, was much more impressive.  Goat cheese, fuji apples, cranberry relish, onion marmalade and lettuce on whole wheat raisin walnut bread.  I shared it with a phriend, and we both enjoyed it.  I passed on the sweet potato fries that came with it, but the others at the table who sampled them had good reports.

I did indulge in a bite of Claire’s renowned multigrain “clairecakes”.  The mix is available for purchase, and if they taste as good when you make them at home, that could be a very wise purchase…

After rushing to get to the airport on time (only to find that my flight was delayed), I did my best with the phood options available and settled on a Baja Fresh Grilled Veggie Burrito.  While not really phoodfoto worthy, it was tasty and filling, and a half of it induced an overly full feeling I’m still battling.

One result of the weekend is the new blog format, as well as the impending addition of a “Phood with Phriends” page.  Please let me know if you’d like to be pheatured!



One Response to “End of the phirst week”

  1. Pauline January 10, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    i’d love to be part of “phood with phriends”!

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