Just another manic Monday

11 Jan

Monday morning wake ups after overly phunfilled weekends are, in my opinion, especially lame.  This one was no exception, but ultimately, my day was a good one.  Breakfast didn’t happen, and it was one of those days that it didn’t occur to me that I’d missed the breakfast hour until I looked at the clock at 1:30pm.  Whoops!

Ah well, it helped me to justify my lunch choice… one single, delicious, hit the spot slice of Pizza Factory combination pizza.  I’d have happily gone back for at least 17 more slices, but decided to keep my intake to a reasonable human level… for today, at least.

I really don’t think there is anything better in the phood world than pizza (impressively, I have already done everything I can to erase the traumatic memory of the offensively sub par offering from Pizza My Heart over the weekend). What other dish can you literally add on a representative from every food group and have it still make sense?  In addition to this, the guys who run the Pizza Factory across from my office are impressively nice, the place is always clean, the food is always ready quickly, and the prices are always shockingly reasonable.  Win-Win-Win (Michael Scott would be happy…)

Dinner was a collaborative effort between myself and my Pops.  He rocked the pork, I rolled the veggies… or something like that.  We topped it off with a yummy Paso Robles cab, and all was right with the world- that is, until I had to face the music that it was really time to take Pops’ Christmas tree down.  The delight of the holiday clean up process certainly overshadowed all other remarkable events of the day, and I found myself inspired at a level of depth that- ok, enough b.s.  The lameness of cleaning up after the holidays is directly correlated to the lameness of my first statement in this post.  In any case, dinner was pretty tasty.

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy one…  can’t wait to see what horrible stuff I shove in my phace!


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