On the 12th day of blogsmas…

12 Jan

Really long day today.  Didn’t have breakfast again (I still partially blame the lack of a working fridge)…  I’m also fighting a cold that has sucked what paltry morning energy I could normally muster.

I went back for more Chicken Noodle soup at Zeph’s today but opted for a Caesar side salad instead of the bland vegetables of theirs I attempted to stomach last week.  Much better choice!

I grabbed dinner after work with a blogger phriend of mine at The Penny Farthing.  I’ve given their wings a chance before and not been impressed.  I am still not impressed.  Their definition of “bloody” hot is not even remotely spicy, yet I do realize I have a different definition of spicy than many others.  Amusingly enough though, Wednesday nights are karaoke nights at The Penny, and the crowd really gets into it.  I especially enjoyed the older couple who came in matching bedazzled outfits and cowboy boots and brought their own music along.  I may have to return…  but not for the wings.

Early morning tomorrow in Soledad… might even include breakfast for once!


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