Phar east treats

14 Jan

Ok, yes, that might be going a wee bit phar with the “ph”…  but it’s my blog, and I’ll do what I want!

I stayed at my very favorite Bed & Breakfast last night but couldn’t connect to the internet, hence the late post.  I was too sick to make my early morning meeting, so breakfast was skipped, yet again.  Sensing a theme, you say?  Maybe that’s just the voice in my head…

A coworker’s husband was kind enough to bring lunch for the bunch, so I went with an Avocado Salad roll from Nob Hill- tasty and pretty and healthy… win-win-win (again, just doing my part to make Michael Scott proud!)

The next photo may have readers saying that I’ve broken my no snacking streak.  I vehemently defend that while this looks like a snack, it was really an appetizer.  My adopted family made a Chinese feast of Kung Pao Pork, and these wasabi peas and asorted tasty treats were perfectly paired as a first course…

Today, phoodfotos heads to Portland to award a special prize to the first phood phriend who “liked” phoodfotos on Facebook, as well as my newest blog subscriber.  If you’re lucky, maybe they will post information about their phabulous prizes, and you too will be inspired to subscribe to this crazy thing.  PDX, here I come!


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