Phruit Phind!

15 Jan

Today started off at New Seasons Market, one of the many things I love about Portland.  I picked up some of my favorite brand of yogurt, Siggi’s.  For those of you who’ve not had it, it’s somewhat similar in style to a Greek yogurt, but done in an Icelandic tradition (not like I know a darn thing about Icelandic traditions of any sort, but if any of their other traditions taste anything like this yogurt, you can sign me up right now).

If you’re thinking the pretty little orange fruit in this phoodfoto is a tangerine, you’d be incorrect.  I had my first taste of a mandarinquat this morning,  It was similar in concept to a kumquat (you eat the peel) but way more delicious!  Shame I only bought one…  I suppose I’ll just have to go back.  If you’d like to learn more about these juicy little gems, click this link: Mandarinquats

I grabbed lunch at Country Grains, an awesome little find in Wilsonville.  I tried their Mediteranean Wrap today and would definitely order it again.  Also, as a happy result of this blog, I resisted the normally inevitably tempting cinnamon roll samples at the counter.  If you’re ever in the mood to splurge, this would be a good spot to make your ooey gooey goodness dreams a reality.

My flight back home came in a bit late, and I was still pretty full from lunch, so the apple I had intended to have as part of breakfast, which was tossed by the wayside when the mandarinquat demonstrated its skills, served as dinner during my drive home.  I won’t lie… I considered stopping for a drive-thru snack, but the fun of the weekend caught up with me and stole my voice, and my sign language ordering skills are, shall we say, rather limited.

I do know the sign for ketchup, though…


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