Pheeling a bit unphabulous…

17 Jan

I woke up feeling worse than I did when I went to bed…  So breakfast wasn’t even a consideration.  I went with some super awesome Campbell’s Condensed Minestrone soup (which truly was quite good!) for “breakfast” when I finally got myself out of bed at 11am-ish.  I tried to make I look just a wee bit more exciting with my wonderful spoon placement, as well as trying to capitalize on the sunny weather on my balcony.  Please enjoy 🙂

Lunch was really not considered.  Is it ever when you don’t get to breakfast until WELL after the acceptable breakfast hours? Thankfully, a friendly fellow made me muster all the energy I could to go out for dinner.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Will’s Fargo, complete with plenty of local celebrity sightings… always a joy to live on the Monterey Peninsula!

Have you ever seen such a friendly looking crudite dish?

This is Will’s Fargo’s House Salad with balsamic dressing.   Yummy but filled me up before I even got to my main course!

This is Will’s Fargo’s Steak Tartare. I order this a lot- love it!  Tonight it was a wee bit on the citrusy side, but it was still enjoyable.

This phoodfoto really sucks (because I chose not to use my flash and call attention to my presence- especially with all the local celebs that were present 😉 !)  That said, these fries are unfairly delicious.  Please go and order them.  You will not be sorry!!!

Tomorrow is up in the air.  If I continue to feel this crappy, I’m staying at home… which will lead to incredibly scary phood choices when put in conjunction with the still nonfunctioning fridge.  y’all will just have to wait with baited breath in painful anticipation!


One Response to “Pheeling a bit unphabulous…”

  1. Nikki Lacues January 17, 2011 at 8:02 am #

    Who was out? and… I think we have the same thing :(. I am sick too!

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