Phunny Words

18 Jan

What should you do after a day where you couldn’t get yourself off the couch and all you’ve eaten is carbs, you ask?  Go out for wings, of course!  You’ll find that I firmly believe that wings are the answer to most of life’s problems.

Side note: I seem to have lost the ability to include breakfast in my days.  Oh well… I’m certainly not wasting away, am I?  Maybe I’ll make it my February resolution to eat breakfast consistently.  Maybe…  I like breakfast a lot, but I like sleep a lot more.

I went to Chapala for lunch today and tested out their Habanero wings.  They did have some nice kick, but they were super sweet (and when I say sweet, I meant it in a cloying, hurt your teeth way like when you drink regular Coke in Mexico kind of a way more than in a sweet as in totally awesome in a Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure kind of a way…)  Nonetheless, they weren’t terrible by any means, and I enjoyed the presentation.  Great service at this place, too!

For dinner, I went to the store to find foods that came in small packages (I am still fridgeless) and created the concoction below.  One of my nearest and dearest opened my eyes to the wonder that are Shirataki noodles- no calories, no carbs but they look and taste like noodles.  Hooray for Shirataki!  Here’s a link to a write up about them and where to find them: Shirataki Noodles

Have any of you ever stopped to consider what a funny word “noodles” is?  Say it a few times… Noodles, noodles, oodles of noodles.  It’s hilarious.  Almost as funny as the word fork.  Say that one again and again.  How can you not just giggle?

Or am I laughing alone on this one?


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