Phinally had breakfast!

20 Jan

How’s that for breakfast!?!  See folks!  I finally got up in time 🙂

Lunch with a coworker at my standby- Pizza Factory.  Started with a salad (with cottage cheese instead of dressing- I really think most salad dressing, unless made by yours truly, is pretty unphabulous…) and mixed up my normal routine with a slice of pepperoni.

Grabbed dinner with the ol’ work BFF at Kula Ranch after a long, long day.  I went with the Ahi Tuna Tartare appy.  Not as delicious as prior visits (the wasabi tobiko had minimal kick, at best) but still tasty… and still being fridge-less, I appreciate any opportunity to not need to cook.

I am normally in NO way a sweet potatoe (eat your heart out, Dan Quayle!) fry phan… they are always too mushy, but I realized I had to stop and take a phoodfoto after I started scarfing down all I could grab off my friend’s plate.  Quite recommended!!!

And drumroll please…….. tomorrow is….. Phriday!!!!  Hooray!  Does that mean it’s TGIPH?


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