21 Jan

Thank God, it was Phriday 🙂

Day two of successfully having breakfast!  Hooray for me!  Yes, I went with the tried and true Subway Egg & Cheese English Muffin Melt but went craaaaazy and mixed it up with SWISS cheese today.  Wild, I know!

The office ordered lunch from Gino’s… meatballs and Caesar salad (with specially requested anchovies).  Very yummy!

My coworker had also brought in some very tasty looking grapes, so I indulged…

I went for dinner with my phavorite phellow blogger at Esteban.  I hadn’t been since a very bad experience years ago…  cocktails were fun, company was great,  food was not too bad and presentation was lacking.  I went with the Brussel Sprouts w/ Bacon & Almonds (my recipe from one of my first posts is vastly superior) and the Poached Pear w/ Goat Cheese (I also make a better version, but this wasn’t terrible by any means.)

Tomorrow, although a Saturday, is a full workday for me… and still being fridge-less, the phood options may not be pretty.

Get excited for that, phoodies! 🙂


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