Cookie Coma

24 Jan

Had a take care of things around the house kind of a day.  What would that mean, you ask?   With still no working fridge, it meant I didn’t eat until dinner time.  Horrible, I know- but thankfully, I haven’t wasted away yet 🙂

I dined at the home of two dear friends after a wonderful stroll along the beach with our dogs in the unfreakingbelievable January weather (and yes, unfreakingbelievable is most certainly a word).

They whipped up a delicious carrot and ginger soup, salad with pecans. apple and feta and some truly decadent oatmeal cookies with all sorts of fun additions.

A comment was made yesterday about the lack of desserts thus far on phoodfotos, so I’m glad I can start to balance the score tonight.  I am normally not one for sweets of any kind.  The fact that I ate the majority of the plate you see here is a testament to how phabulous they were.


3 Responses to “Cookie Coma”

  1. Maighie January 24, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    When will your fridge be fixed? Sounds like a real bummer! And dessert in Portland is a done deal (:

    • phabulousness January 24, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

      Rumor has it that I will be with fridge by end of day tomorrow! Keep your phingers crossed 🙂


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    […] HAD to have oatmeal cookies right next to the salad…  and now that I live hours away from The Most Delicious Cookies in the World, I was powerless to resist.  Ph you, […]

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