The Great Flying Dutchman Debate

24 Jan

Check me out with the tasty organic apple breakfast, complete with a few slices of cheddar from the super fancy liquor store next door.

So, to my knowledge, there are two kinds of consumable Flying Dutchmen in this world.  One is a beverage I went through a terrible few month phase of loving (I will disclaim that I had just turned 21), and I remember very few of the evenings where said Flying Dutchmen were consumed.  I can’t even tell you what is in one, but I would be willing to wager it is three parts instant hangover, one part vomit inducer, a few drops of regret and a few secret ingredients of some type that convince people to drink them.

The other Flying Dutchman is pure deliciousness.  No guilt, no hangover, just delicious meat and cheese.  Bless you, In-N-Out, bless you.  The Flying Dutchman is my favorite member of their secret menu.  Give me that and some well done fries, and I’m one happy gal.  Today, however, I went fryless.       (Golf claps)

I went to dinner at Will’s Fargo (yes, I realize I went there a week ago, too).  I opted for some nibbles from the crudite dish, some butternut squash soup and a blue Top Sirloin with Brussel sprouts and a baked potatoe.  Yum all the way around!

As a side note, Will’s is really the only place I can joyfully and confidently order a steak on the Monterey Peninsula and know that it will be cooked correctly.  I don’t often give compliments, but since it’s National Compliment Day, good on you, Will’s Fargo… good on you!


One Response to “The Great Flying Dutchman Debate”

  1. Central Coast Localite January 24, 2011 at 11:30 pm #

    Dan Quayle likes your dinner.

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