This just in- Camera trumps pear!

25 Jan

When you carry a large camera around in your purse, it is probably not the best idea to place your peak of ripeness organic pear in with it.  In the 15 minute commute from my kitchen to my office, it became something similar to (but much less appealing than) pearsauce.  I tossed it and availed myself of the instant oatmeal in the office.

Cinnamon roll flavor tastes NOTHING like cinnamon rolls, in case you were wondering.  Looking at this phoodfoto, it begs the question…  Who ever thought, “Wow, this looks delicious and not at all like it has already been eaten and digested.  I think I’ll try it!”  Whoever that person was is not, nor will they ever be, pheatured on Phood with Phriends…

Work BFF and I went to Tacos Choice for lunch, and I opted for the Fish Bowl.  Not half bad, and with the extra Tapatio I added, it was pretty darn good.

I grabbed dinner at Gino’s and am proud to say I ordered something new for me from the menu.  I tried the Bruschetta Genovese (pesto and goat cheese instead of tomatoes) and followed that with a Caesar salad.  The company was better than the phood, but not bad overall.

Tomorrow will include a phield trip to a never before tried lunch spot in Castroville!  Get excited, phoodies!


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