Phood with a Purpose

26 Jan

An office fairy helped me keep my breakfast streak alive today by coordinating a trip to Subway for a breakfast sandwich.

I tried to break my habit a little bit and opted for a bacon topping instead of jalapenos.  Super salty (and I normally love salt)… but what did I expect?  Back to jalapenos next time!

Lunch today was an experience I hope I am lucky enough to be able to experience again.

Deep in the heart of quaint little Castroville, a motley crew of hardworking men assemble themselves every month at a bar called Mike’s Place.  When our group of five professionally dressed women walked through the door, the simultaneous head turns were worthy of an overly scripted sitcom yet were awesomely authentic.  We were greeted with sincere kindness- the kind I’ve come to expect in places like Wyoming and Missouri but don’t find all that often in the great state of California.

Around 60 of us gathered for a barbecue to benefit the Salinas Aquatic Center- not necessarily because we were all passionate about the Aquatic Center specifically, but because this group of folks get together every month to raise money for a different organization in the community.  The nonprofit I work for has been a lucky recipient twice now, so we took the field trip today to be able to see these men in action.  No frills, no fuss, just good food and good people.  In less than an hour today, they raised $2000.  It was pretty freakin’ phabulous… and the phood was pretty tasty, too!

I had dinner at The Windmill in Soledad after a work function.  I munched on my friend’s salad (tasted pretty standard) and tried out their wings (which were described on the menu as “spicy and delicious”).

They weren’t my kind of wings… too breaded… but they got extra points for the decent spice and the fact that they were all drummettes (I am so not down with the wingettes- wait, is wingette a word?)

A final phoodfoto for the day… I found this awesome shot gracing the walls of Mike’s Place.  Castroville, how I love you!

Now THAT is a phoodfoto!


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