And We’re All Caught Up!

8 Feb

So where was I?  Ah yes, the week-long carb phest!  On Saturday, I tried to rein it in a bit… ok, not really.  Besides, everything on the internet is true, and I found this article that talks about how carbs make you lose weight- no wonder I lost five pounds in the month of January, right?

Let’s all head to the bread buffet!


I attended the incredibly lovely bridal shower of one of my readers (and also my very first subscriber!) in Napa.  The cranberry walnut endive was especially delicious, as was the crostini with the ham spirals (I guess that’s what you’d call it…?)  I was too busy yammering with old and new phriends to really enjoy all the tasty treats to the level I would have liked.

I went to dinner at Cafe Kati in SF.  I went a few years back and loved the phood but had a horrible table (envision almost sitting in the kitchen, but in a “my effing mother in law has been visiting for weeks now” as opposed to a “wow, cool!  the celebrity chef is doing a cooking demo just for me!” kind of way…)  This evening, we had an awesome window table, the phood was as great as before, and had we discovered the unplugged heat lamps prior to our departure, we’d have had a purely delightful experience.

These little corn muffin bites with honeyed butter set the mood perfectly in an East meets Farm kind of a way.  My dining partners shared the fuij apple, goat cheese, beet and walnut salad on baby greens with a pomegranate vinaigrette.  I tried a few bites, and I must say the vinaigrette was remarkably good… and I am rarely one to have anything positive to say about dressings…

I opted for the Ahi Tuna and Spinach Egg Rolls as a starter.  They were very good- light but flavorful.  I had gotten excited about the house made pickles (maybe because the pickled veggies I had at Farmhouse Cafe a few days before were so phabulous), but that was my mistake.  These ones missed the mark like an outfielder with no depth perception.  Really.Not.Phabulous. 😦

After the muffins, some salad and two of the egg rolls (sharing is caring, you know, so I had to share the other egg rolls with my dinner phriends), I was hardly hungry for dinner.  However, it was SO good, I wolfed down probably half the dish!  Black bass, udon noodles, very light tempura veggies, and not a shred of my nemesis (and chief anaphylactic shock inspirer, also known as “cilantro”) in sight! Hooray!

We walked across the street to the Kabuki Theatre (almost the best movie theatre ever… you get reserved seats and they serve booze… but they have no licorice… how is this possible, you ask?  the world may never know…) to catch The Fighter after dinner.  Yes, I know this is a phood blog, but it’s a phabulous philm that I highly recommend… that Christian Bale fella had me at Newsies but has kept me wrapped around his finger ever since.  Since I am pretty sure it is illegal in most counties to not have popcorn with your movie, we all ordered some.  I promptly dropped my bag all over the floor as I tried to photograph it.  Hooray for me and my highly coordinated self and kudos to the incredibly nice staff who chose not to focus on my lameness and instead just gave me a new bag and sent me packing.

Yes, those are Swedish Fish you see- those are for you, “Inspired”… I had four, and they were delicious!

Sunday was, of course, Superbowl Sunday, so I met up with a gaggle of local pholks at CRBC to put on my “I like football” hat for a few hours.  Thankfully, I was able to entertain myself with good conversation, a couple new beers and a super delicious appetizer- their Ahi Poke.  They make the taro chips in house (you can tell) and there is  a very respectable amount of kick in the tuna AND it was presented beautifully!  I might have to go with phabulous on this one as well!

This guy agreed:

It was a very hearty portion, so it served as Monday’s lunch as well.  I rocked the leftovers world that day, as I finished up the Kung Pao pasta from CPK for Monday’s dinner.

Tuesday brings us up to date- hooray!  I forgot about breakfast (quelle surprise…) and popped over to The Bakery Station for lunch.  I am QUITE proud to say that I phinally tried something new!  I am a huge proponent of the VW Sandwich, and it will always have the number one place in sando section of my heart, but I want to give the other kids a chance to play on the team.  So I tried out The Road Hog today… pulled pork and cabbage slaw on brioche.  WHY exactly did I take so long to try this?  It was awesome.  Not like that surprises me with what I have come to expect for the lovely ladies of this phine establishment.

My one complaint?  It was SO big and SO good that I wolfed down the vast majority of it (rather quickly, I might add, which was my bad) and felt grossly phull the rest of the afternoon.

I opted out on dinner… too tired to go out, go shopping or go spelunking in the pantry…


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  1. inspired February 9, 2011 at 8:07 am #

    yes! yes! yes! to the Swedish Fish! And I heart The Fighter and Christian Bale too.

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