Baby Phood

8 Feb

I will start by sending out a big thank you to all my readers who called and emailed this past week to make sure I wasn’t lying face down in a ditch or profusely bleeding from an illegally harvested organ mishap.  Quite on the contrary, I was called away to welcome my soon to be Godson into the world.  He is precious beyond belief, and I consider him to be an incredibly legitimate excuse for going on a posting hiatus.  That being said, I promise not to make a habit of it…  until he gets a sibling someday, of course 🙂

Since I spent the week driving, cooking, ogling and what have you, I decided I would simply give you a phoodfoto montage of what I consumed.  I’ll include brief notes with each (many served as two meals).  The week overall was a bit of a massively piggish carb fest, and being as I still have less than zero intention of running a marathon, I felt rather unphabulous climbing on the scale when I returned home.  Oddly enough, from the day I started this blog to today, I have LOST five pounds.  Maybe it’s due to the extra exercise I get carting around a massive camera everyday?

So I shall now get to the phoodfotos, but let me just again say thanks to all of you out there on the interweb.  This blog had over 1000 hits in its month, gained 25 subscribers, received phan mail and has just been phabulously phun so phar.  Ok, enough “ph”s for now…  Onto the grub!

Horrible phoodfoto of Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks that I scarfed down in the hospital right after the little man came into the world.  In my haste trying to get to San Diego before he arrived, I forgot to eat all day and these saved me from adding a fainting spell to the birth story…

My truly phabulous San Diego hostess had this Spinach & Beet Salad waiting for me in the car on the way home.  I ate it with my hands, and don’t feel at all embarrassed about that 🙂

Maybe it was anxiety, or sympathy illness or who knows what, but I felt incredibly un-human on Monday morning.  My hostess with the mostess saved me with this tasty buttered toast.

For a late lunch on Monday, we stopped at Bread & Cie.  This Brie & Honey Panini was super delicious (and half served as my Tuesday morning breakfast).

I stayed at the hospital with my phavorite newly non-preggers girl on Monday night, and we ordered pizza from Filippi’s Pizza Grotto.  I hadn’t had a slice from there since back in my college days when I worked for a morning news station, and we did a recurring story about the best pizza in San Diego.  Filippi’s is good, but definitely not the best… and would be an utter nightmare for someone who is not a dairy enthusiast such as I.

I cooked up a storm all day Tuesday stocking the freezer for the new parents, which means I forgot to eat decently myself, but I did remember to take phoodfotos as I embarked upon my phirst ever bread baking endeavor.  If I do say so myself, I done pretty good!  You can try the recipe yourself by following this link:

We went out to a French spot for dinner on Tuesday called Farmhouse Cafe.  This place truly rates as phabulous in my book.  Great atmosphere, wonderful service, pleasing wine selection and super yummy food… oh, and they decorate with geese all around the restaurant and each has a name.  (Yes, I am phully aware that I am easily amused.)  The Escargot Risotto was unbelievable, so much so that I had very little room for the Chicken Liver Mousse.  Thankfully that served as a great lunch for Wednesday!

Wednesday morning, I attempted to introduce myself to a new phruit- Kiwano (also known as “Horned Melon”).  I have seen these melons before, but was overwhelmed by how pretty they looked when I was shopping at Henry’s Market the day before (speaking of, I cannot think of a more wonderful grocery store than Henry’s.  I miss it something terrible!)

I had to google instructions on how to eat the melon once I cut into it, and suffice it to say it was a messy process that yielded a very, very odd taste experience.

I would liken the seeds to something between a cucumber and an apple (emphasis on the cucumber).  Always glad to try most things once, but the horned melon will not be offered any repeat performances in the venue that is my mouth.

As we waited for mom and baby to be discharged on Wednesday afternoon, I was oh so unfairly forced to snack on popcorn and a new kind of Chex Mix that I’m willing to wager is laced with crack.  I take no responsibility for my snacking actions due to this incredibly logical and sound theory.

Once we got home, we treated ourselves to take-out from Leucadia Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant.  I indulged in some Eggplant Parmesan, spaghetti and some of their unfreakingbelievably good garlic bread (I won’t lie- I had a second slice!)

I headed home bright and way too early on Thursday morning.  The breakfast fairy left this out for me, as well as another slice of the Saffron bread to sustain me on my drive north.

I headed straight to work and worked until pretty late, but thankfully I had one of these superphabulous Whole Wheat Apricot Raspberry Bars from Henry’s.

I had two more for breakfast the next morning…

Work BFF and I caught up over lunch at First Awakenings and dinner at California Pizza Kitchen on Friday.  For lunch, we split the Chicado (chicken and avocado- go figure… much like Brangelina or TomKat, it’s like the celebrity marriage of the sandwich world) and the Chicken Little (chicken salad on english muffins wrapped in a warm, snuggly blanket of melted cheese).

As a side note, we were both skeptical of the “salad marinade” that came with both sandos.  I am happy to report it is some good stuff, so do not fear!

I had the Kung Pao Spaghetti (which I subbed for whole wheat penne) at CPK and then was phorced, PHORCED I tell you (practically at knife point!) to eat this delicious piece of Red Velvet Cake.

And yes, my definition of being held “practically at knife point” would mean that my dinner companion was, in fact, sitting next to a full table setting which included a butter knife.

Alright phood phans…  I think I have to throw in the proverbial towel this evening.  I will include Saturday, Sunday and Monday with Tuesday’s post tomorrow.  Now time for some phabulous shut eye…



4 Responses to “Baby Phood”

  1. Central Coast Localite February 12, 2011 at 10:35 pm #

    I miss Henry’s and Bread & Cie…

    • phabulousness February 14, 2011 at 11:55 pm #

      Both are so awesome. Maybe we need to take a blogger road trip?

  2. SunShine February 15, 2011 at 8:56 am #

    I am so hooked on following what you put in your tummy, strange:)

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