10 Feb

My internet went on hiatus last night, so ya’ll get a two for one deal this evening…  get excited!

Yesterday, I had a work lunch at Pizza Factory (yeah, yeah, I know I eat there a lot!)

So I had a small salad and two slices.  Yummy, as always… 

In an effort to spice up one phoodfoto, one of my phood phans helped create the “action shot” below:

A phella treated me to dinner at Robata in Carmel.

I went with the steamed veggies (simple but tasty), Mushroom Madness (way too large a portion but awfully good) and the Nikumaki (I remember this being a lot better in the past).

He had the Volcano special, which I sampled but found I wasn’t a phan.



Today, I went with a color theme to get into the Valentine’s Day mood.  So RED it was!

Wallaby black cherry yogurt and cranberry juice for breakfast, followed by a Red Anjou pear and raspberries for lunch…

Pops and I made dinner, and tried our best to keep the red theme going without buying any new ingredients.

We came up with Buffalo Drumsticks atop a “red rice” mixture of brown rice, red wine, mushrooms, yellow bell pepper, beet juice and a little cream cheese.  I know it may sound odd, but it was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself!

We finished up with cranberry sauce for good measure…

So while I will not claim that I ate all red foods today for nutrition reasons, I do recognize that “eating the rainbow” is a good plan when trying to get a variety of vitamins, antioxidants and what have you.  I went to find an article to post on the topic, but instead stumbled upon what is quite possibly the WORST song ever written.  So if you’re so inclined (and I would really only recommend clicking this link if, say, you have Justin Bieber’s “Baby, Baby” song stuck in your head or you’re locked in a room of crying babies and the only escape is listening to this song…) enjoy it for all it’s “grooviness”:

Tomorrow, phoodfotos returns to Portland for a weekend of excitement.  Stay tuned!


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