Phoodfotos loves phollowers!

14 Feb

In honor of today’s holiday, I thought I’d treat myself to some of my phavorite phoods.

I had one of my last remaining Whole Wheat Fig Bars (leftover from my trip to Henry’s Market in San Diego).  It was so good, I will definitely be rationing the rest of the package.

For lunch, a phellow phoodie and I tried out Bahama Grille in Salinas.  What an unexpected treat we found!  The chips had a surprising salty sweetness to them- I hear the dipping sauce is great, but I did not personally partake.

I ordered the Santa Maria Burger, because Mama’s a sucker for spice, and this one pheatured grilled serrano peppers.  It was perfectly cooked,phlavorful and philling… I took half home.  I did, however, make a pretty significant dent in those fries 🙂

Work BFF and I honored St. Valentine by patronizing one of our very phavorite spots- Noodle Bar in Marina.  I went with the Spice Wings which have a really unique flavor.  Always happy to find new and exciting wings!

I dream about this Wonton soup.  It might not look like much, but I’ve never had better.  The cabbage tastes like butter.  The broth has a depth of flavor unheard of in the world of strip mall restaurants.  As my Pops would say, “It’s good sh*t, and you need some.”

Continuing the luuuuv theme for the day, I will also share my love for a phellow phood blogger, Foodie, Esq.

She pheatured phoodfotos yesterday on her site, documenting the first interest this blog has had from someone I wouldn’t be able to pick out of a lineup. Pretty phreaking phabulous if you ask me!  Are there more of you out there?  If so, let me know!  Maybe phoodfotos will treat you to a meal sometime soon…


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