19 Feb


For lunch, I heated up the pasta from the day before but gave up after realizing the tedium involved with picking itsy bitsy pieces of raw walnut out of a bowl of food.

I had a work event in the afternoon catered by Michael’s Catering (same awesome dude as Wild Thyme Deli in Marina).  They put out quite the spread, but I only had time for this delicious sandwich (the horseradish creme was super good) and a slice of brie en croute.  If you’re ever looking for a great caterer, I’ve worked with this team a fair number of times now, and everytime it is stellar.  Cute servers, too 😉

After work, I headed over to my grandmother’s birthday dinner at none other than Will’s Fargo.  Yes, I realize I have been here three times already since I started this blog, but what can I say?  It’s a family phavorite…

I am proud to say, after years and years and years of going to this restaurant, I tried their Half Chicken for the very first time.  All thanks to the blog!  It was massive but delicious.  I think it will make a very nice second meal sometime over the weekend.

As you phollowers know, I’m not much of a dessert person, but I had to order something to nibble on while Gramms enjoyed her birthday hot fudge sundae.  Pops and I split this Blackberry Pie, and I must admit it was more than edible 🙂


Friday morning hurt a little.  Long and phull week…  I powered down some Greek Yogurt with organic blueberries before I started my foolproof Excedrine regimen.

A phellow phoodie and I went to Kokoro in Salinas for lunch and both tried new things.   I went with the “Oh My God” Roll and the “Tanimura” Roll (named after the local agricultural magnate).

The “Oh My God” Roll was a tasty blend of spicy tuna, cucumber and jalapeno covered in seaweed salad.  Now I’m not saying it wasn’t good, but if I were naming it, I think it would be more of a “Hey Jesus, How Goes It?” Roll.

The “Tanimura” was an incredibly unique sushi roll covered in fish and vegetables and baked to delicious perfection.  I was really taken by surprise by how delicious, philling and phabulous it was.  I will definitely be ordering this again.

I had the Seared Ahi Wonton Pupu delivered from Hula’s in Monterey for dinner, but I was still so phull from lunch I hardly made a dent.  What I did nibble on was incredibly good though!

I said pupu.   🙂


On a different note, the Monterey County Weekly is in the final stages of their “Best Of” poll for the year.  This year, there is a category for Best Local Blog.  I just completed mine and shamelessly voted for phoodfotos, and I strongly encourage those of you who pheel so inclined to phollow suit.  Visit www.mcweekly.com before Sunday night!


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