Smells & Stew

19 Feb

I decided to pheature two of my phavorite Christmas gifts for breakfast this morning.  The tea seat is a phew years old now, but I still love it just as much as the day I received it.  The toast holder is my newest kitchen addition, inspired by a recent trip to London with some of my phavorite pholks.  Despite my rants and raves about my carb obsession, I rarely allow myself bread at home, so the concept of making toast is rather foreign.  I must say, though, the day started off awesome as the nostalgic smell of toast filled the kitchen.

I read somewhere once that smell is the strongest sense tied to memory.  I believe it.  I started a stew midday and had these beautiful organic tomatoes to add to it.  As I twisted off the vines, my memory recalled some of my most phond childhood memories spent with my Gramma and great aunts in their gardens in Wyoming.  Raw tomatoes are really not my thing, so I had been depriving myself of some great trips down memory lane.  Not so today!

Since my first bread making attempt (at the beginning of this month) was so successful, I decided to attempt another recipe.  Feeling hermit-ish today, I didn’t want to go to the store.  Thankphully, I discovered this recipe that didn’t require milk: No Milk Yeast Rolls

Now, I’m no baking expert, but the hard brick of a bread loaf I ended up with left a fair amount to be desired… so maybe I did something wrong, or maybe the recipe sucks.  I’m going to go with option B to preserve my ego for the moment.

The result of the stew effort:

I went hog wild on the salt, which kind of overpowered the rest of the dish, but it was definitely edible.  Maybe it was my last ditch effort to get my sodium in before I start a diet to lower my blood pressure.  Hello, I am an old lady who has blood pressure issues.  Hooray for me!

I promise I won’t let the phood be boring…


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