I CAN eat Mexican!

21 Feb

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am in the process of adjusting to a new diet that will help lower my blood pressure.  Now, for those of you who know me, I’m sure it comes as QUITE a surprise that someone as calm, cool and collected as I would have high blood pressure…  and for those of you who don’t know me, now would be the time to tell you that most of the time, I am full of you know what.

So step one is whole grains and eating breakfast consistently.

This morning’s PB Sando wasn’t fancy, but it served its purpose!

We painted in the office today, and after the phun time that that was, we decided we deserved a late lunch.  We went to Habanero in Salinas, and I’ll admit I went with pheet dragging (Mexican food and I are not on good terms with that whole cilantro allergy issue).  Not only was I proven incredibly wrong that all Mexican phood includes cilantro, they took it even further to let me know I could pheel phree to customize anything on the menu.

Their chips were really tasty- good enough that I happily ate them without hot sauce (salsa is most often off limits to me).  I can hear the peanut gallery comments about tortilla chips not being a part of a healthy diet, but like I said, I am in the process of adjusting to the new eating habits.  That “process” may take awhile.  🙂

I ordered the Carne Asade Veracruz (I overheard the man telling someone that it was very spicy, so obviously I had to have it), and it was awesome.

We were all really hungry, but the hunger factor played only a minor role in the speed scarfing we all guiltily engaged in- at least we drew the line at licking the plates.  Me thinks we’ll be back… soon.

My dinner plan had included an attempt at souffle.  I stopped by the phabulous Star Market in Salinas for the necessary ingredients and headed home.   The issue arose when I realized my home is currently butter-phree.  The joy of being phridgeless for three weeks is just neverending, I suppose.  So the souffle was tabled, and I threw together some of my favorite Shirataki noodles with some veggies and that was dinner.

As I wrap up this post and think about getting ready for bed, I realize I’ve had some pretty late nights over the past phew months.  I read this brief blurb today:  http://health.yahoo.net/caring/5-foods-that-help-you-sleep about phoods that encourage sleep, so tonight I think I will try #5 (being as #1 isn’t in season, #2 would kill me, #3 I had this morning, and #4 disgusts me as it looks like it has already been eaten and digested- I believe I’ve mentioned my opinion on oatmeal previously on phoodfotos…)  We’ll see how that goes.

Talk to you tomorrow, phoodies!


2 Responses to “I CAN eat Mexican!”

  1. Kristin February 22, 2011 at 10:22 am #

    HA! I love those shirataki noodles! That dish you made with them looks lovely though, which mine never do haha.

    • phabulousness February 22, 2011 at 10:28 am #

      Thanks, Kristin! I got distracted and totally blew it on the zucchini, but the noodle concoction wasn’t bad at all. I added diced carrots, green onions, an egg and some garlic…

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