From Drab to Phab

23 Feb

Today started out just like any other day.

I had some toast with honey before I left the house…

My day went from drab to phab when I got a call from my doctor letting me know that I DO NOT have cancer.

Let’s repeat that beautiful phrase… I do not have cancer.

This past week had been a terrifying one while I sat waiting for the news, but that phone call made it all ok.  I celebrated with two phood phans with a bottle of bubbly (compliments of one of my  phavorite phollowers!) and a massive baked potatoe from Elli’s.

I came back from lunch to discover that Girl Scout Cookies had arrived!  I took the liberty of opening the phirst box of the season and enjoyed one delicious Samoa.  So so good.

To continue the celebration, I met my Pops for dinner at Carmel Valley Ranch.  They’ve recently gone through some big renovations, and I was interested to see how things turned out.  All I can say is wow.  If tonight’s dinner was an indicator, Chef Tim Wood is one cool dude.  Delicious phood.  Awesome presentation.  Great service.  Phabulous all around!

We wanted to try a phew different dishes, so we split everything.  The Winter Endive & Smoked Duck Salad was really wonderful.  It included a delicious nibble of a raisin pecan bread and some blue cheese that topped it off perfectly.

Any place that serves gourmet wings is a slam dunk in my book.  Complete with a damp towel and a dump bowl for the bones, I’ve never felt so refined eating wings!  The flavor was great- not spicy at all (which is always my preference) but sweet and salty- quite the combo!  Turns out this dish was just pheatured in the January issue of Food and Wine.  Here’s a link to the recipe in case you can’t make it to CV Ranch to sample them yourself:

The Fulton Valley Chicken arrived already split in half (since Pops and I had mentioned we’d be sharing) which was unnecessary and so appreciated.  The perfectly prepared chicken arrived on a bed of delicious creaminess amongst assorted al dente veggies (the brussel sprouts really put me over the top).  Really phabulous!

We decided to have dessert because #1 we were celebrating my good health (other than I do, of course, still have to deal with that pesky blood pressure issue) and #2 the rest of the phood was so good we wanted to try more.  We opted for the Wild Huckleberry and Lavender Shortbread.  YUM.

Okay, I’m off to bask in the glow of my noncancerous self…  Catch ya on the phlipside, phoodies!


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