Mmmm… Ribs…

23 Feb

When I stopped at the store the other night, I excitedly picked up a white nectarine- my very phavorite stone phruit.  I brought it to work for breakfast this morning…

One thing I have learned thus phar with this blog is that in the time it takes to photograph my phood, I develop an excited anticipation to see if it tastes as good as it looks.  Imagine my disappointment to phind that this nectarine, while beautiful, was in no way phit phor human consumption.

So I went with Plan B- Tagalongs!  They were as good as they looked!  🙂

I tried a new spot for lunch- Salinas City BBQ. This place, while in a very strange location, is awesome.  SUPER cute decor (I was convinced I was sitting in a restaurant somewhere in Texas) and really darn good phood.  The menu was pretty simple- it seems like a place that chooses to do a phew things really well instead of adding a bunch of philler to the menu.  I loved my smoked ribs.  The potatoe salad was really, really good, as was their spicy BBQ sauce.

I had a work event at night, and the lovely ladies I was presenting to insisted on pheeding me.  They had quite the soup spread!  I opted for the Vegetable Beef, and it was quite yummy.  It was made additionally enjoyable by the really interesting conversation had at the table.  That group of educators had a lot of good conversation phodder (ok, part of me mentioning that was just me wanting to use the word “phodder” with a “ph”)!

Ok, tomorrow I’m going to try to make time to make that souffle.  Wish me luck, phoodies!



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