Soup! Der it is!

26 Feb

Thursday morning started with this happy guy-  I put this combo together for you, Nicole 😉

Half of the office went to The Bakery Station for lunch, and a phollower and I split the Road Hog.  (I learned my lesson from a phew weeks back when I tried to eat the whole thing…)

I stayed late at work, pretending that I would actually do homework (yeah right) so got take out delivered from Kokoro.  After the massive sando for lunch, I was in need of a veggie fiesta.


On Phriday, I started the day with the breakfast of champions- more Girl Scout cookies!

It was a super cold day, my brain channeled Justin Timberlake’s Homelessville saying “Soup- der it is!”

We went across the street to a nameless Chinese phood restaraunt and got an assortment of soups.  The wonton was surprisingly really, really good with really phresh ingredients.  What a nice surprise!

I normally don’t eat phortune cookies, but I couldn’t resist the foto…

I went on a cookie binge (I definitely blame the phortune cookie) and had a late afternoon snack…

I was still pheeling the love for Homelessville at the dinner hour, so phollowed up my soup lunch with a soup dinner.  I tried out the Aztec Chicken Soup recipe from Tacolicious in San Francisco (the recipe was emailed through Daily Candy that morning), and I was not disappointed in the slightest!

I need to go watch SNL archives now…


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