Phriends and Phamily

28 Feb

I started Saturday with a late breakfast at First Awakenings in Salinas.  I had the Joaquin Yahoo, a fritatta with lots of fresh veggies hidden within.  Good as always, and I felt good about my choice to not get the potatoes or english muffins that normally come with it.  No need to pat me on the back- I’ve got it covered 🙂

Every Phebruary, there’s a little holiday pholks like to celebrate that is so much cooler than Valentine’s Day.  It’s OTBN, which stands for Open That Bottle Night.  It’s a phabulous opportunity to gather together with your nearest and dearest winos and open up that “extra special” bottle you’ve been saving for the “right time”.  Let’s phace it- life is short and while there are some things worth saving, some times it’s worth it to say “no time like the present”!

A gaggle of phriends gathered together on Saturday night to celebrate OTBN this year.  With a pheast of Thanksgiving sized proportions, we ate and drank and yammered to our hearts’ content.  It was delightful.

The wines (that I was able to record):

1985 Durney Cabernet Sauvignon

2005 Madrigal Merlot

1994 Merryvale Silhouette

2004 Tobin James Blue Moon Reserve Syrah

1997 Simi Merlot

2006 Iron Gate Estate Sweet Shiraz

2000 Robert Mondavi Sauvignon Blanc Botrytis

2005 Le Reve Domaine Carneros by Taittinger

There was another sparkling we started the evening with, and a Petite Verdot from somewhere local that was really awesome.  The Merryvale and the Iron Gate had seen a better day, and the Botrytis was described by most guests as “sexual”, “orgasmic” or “phreaking hot”  (guess which one was me)!

The phood was great and made even better by the collaborative nature of the cooking.  It’s so nice to share the burden!  I made prosciutto quiche cups as an hors d’oeuvre.  Good presentation but too salty…  maybe with the right prosciutto it would have been better.

The salad was light and phlavorful.

The main meal included a delicious pork loin (with really delicious fruit gravy), a Kale & Potatoe Puree (super good- and I made it, so of course I thought it was good), Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Brussel sprouts (because I love them and am on a mission to share the delightful goodness of itty bitty baby cabbages with the world)!

After all that wine, I was clearly not thinking straight, which led to me thinking it was a good idea to eat a slice of cheesecake.  It was a Dulce de Leche flavor, and it was truly decadent.  Jury is still out as to if it was decadent enough to justify the pounds I probably gained from it, but what’s done is done!

This morning (Sunday) once I shook the wine fog out of my head (and scraped the ice off of my windshield that had accumulated the night before- a real rarity for our neck of the woods in Central California), I headed to the Bay Area to visit with phamily.  My aunt treated us to a pancake pheast.  Everything she makes is delicious, and these were no exception.  She threw in some chicken apple sausage and raspberries as well, and I stayed phull all day!

Dinner wasn’t the most glamorous, but life is all about balance- and since I was watching the Oscars, it seems an appropriate opportunity to snarf down pizza on the couch.

It was good times, and I was so very happy to see my picks Melissa Leo, Christian Bale and Natalie Portman head home with little gold men. I also LOVED the NYU kid who won for his short film- what a cute speech and awesome head of hair!

Now I really must see The King’s Speech!



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