Health Phood

1 Mar

So it’s March…  New month, new eating habits.  Partially, this is due to the blood pressure diet needing to be implemented for real, but the majority of it is due to the realization that I have a wedding I’m in in one month!  So time to shape up or ship out.

I got up in time to actually make breakfast on Monday morning.  Trust me, nobody is more shocked than I!  I used my second to last piece of bread for the toast…  Once the loaf is gone, no more carbs in the house for awhile 😦

For lunch, I made myself a salad of romaine hearts, crumbled feta and a pink lady apple with red wine vinegar.  It was simple yet phlavorful… and looking at the romaine hearts made me laugh…

My phirst job out of college was with Earthbound Farm, the largest grower and shipper of organic produce in the world.  One of my job functions was to answer the consumer hotline.  Anyhow who has never done this, please do.

It’s like those of us who work retail or hoof it as a waitress…  After we have experienced it ourselves, we are phundamentally kinder and more appreciative of others who do that work.  So if you ever have a chance to answer complaint calls.  Wait, why would I wish that on anybody!?!  Nevermind, just take my word for it.  It sucks.  The people are mostly quite rude.  People like me with strong opinions and harsh tongues are not cut out for that type of work.  Suffice it to say that some of the most amusing calls came from people who were incredibly angry that the romaine hearts (and celery hearts) were yellowish instead of a deep green.

Issue #1, people:  You bought them that color, so if you have a problem with it, you’re just dumb.

Issue #2:  They are called “hearts” because they are the inside of the plant where they aren’t exposed to sunlight, so they aren’t ever going to be deep green.

Ok, moving on…

I completely phorgot about dinner until my phella kindly reminded me around 9pm.  I found leftover Hot & Sour soup in the phridge, threw in some brown rice and some more chili sauce, and voila!


This morning I said goodbye to bread for awhile.  My last slice was delicious (and smothered in peanut butter).  I fotographed the orange at breakfast just because it was so phreaking beautiful.  I didn’t actually eat it until lunch.

Speaking of lunch, I used more of my romaine and feta that I’d purchased the day before to make another salad- this time pheaturing the beautiful blood orange I picked up at Star Market last Phriday.

I had a late meeting and was dragging a bit in the afternoon prior to it, so I decided that warranted a pick me up of Thin Mints.  I mean, come on, they say “Thin” right on the box.  They have to be good for me, right?

I stopped by the store on my way home and picked up some roasted chicken.  I then cooked up a potatoe I had left over from Saturday’s dinner party and threw in the remaining Cotija cheese from Phriday night’ soup.  Ended up pretty tasty actually, but I definitely screwed the pooch somewhere along the way and philled the house with smoke.  Thankfully, I salvaged the grub!

Last but not least, a very heartfelt thank you to you, phoodies, for supporting me through Month Two of this project!  While I didn’t lose any weight in Phebruary (I wasn’t trying), I didn’t gain anything back of the phive pounds lost in January.  I am also happy to report that a phew of my phollowers have been losing weight as well.

Coincidence?  I think not! 😉


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