Bridesmaid Diet- Day One

2 Mar

Day one of the bridesmaid diet went pretty well, actually…

I started the day with a sweet shot o’ protein- peanut butter style!

I phollowed that up with a mid-morning reduced phat string cheese.  It looked boring, so I got Buddha involved- and he was stoked on it.  Who knew The Enlightened One enjoyed mozzarella so much?!

I shared the new discovery of Salinas City BBQ for lunch with Work BFF.  This time, I tried the tri tip salad.  It was huge, so I barely made it through half, but man oh man was it tasty!!!  Also, they have Diet Dr. Pepper at this fine establishment, and I have no idea why it has taken me 28 years to learn about the wonderful deliciousness of this bubbly beverage.

The dinner hour was philled with my monthly book club- a phine group of phabulous pholks I hadn’t seen in forever and a day.  I hosted so threw together a quick appetizer and managed to keep myself from eating the tempting looking brownie bites.  Hooray for me!

I used Rondele Artichoke & Garlic cheese spread on the endive.  Normally, I’d make a blue cheese mixture but wanted a healthier option.  This was good stuff that I’d totally buy again.

I didn’t do too well on my water consumption for the day, so that will be a goal for tomorrow.

I’m also QUITE proud of myself (again, no need to pat me on the back- I’ve got it covered!) that I prepped tomorrow morning’s breakfast tonight.

Tomorrow morning won’t know what hit it!


Also, a quick update- Today I added “Phriends’ Phood” to the blog.  I’ve been receiving phoodfotos from phollowers and wanted a way to display the awesome shots I get to enjoy.  So… enjoy yourself!  And pheel phree to submit your own at…



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