Wimpy Wings, Super Soup

11 Mar

Thursday was hectic… and then some.  But trying to get the hell out of dodge always is…

I went to the liquor store next door to sample the best of what they had to offer breakfast-wise.  I ended up with some Colby jack cheese and some spicy peanuts.

The staff went together to try a new spot in town- Red’s Burger Joint.  Hind sight is 20/20, this I know…  probably when one patronizes an establishment with “burger” in the name, one should not decide to order wings instead.  However, wings are my Kryptonite.

They were lame.  Not very spicy and so overcooked that the bones broke apart in my mouth.  That being said, cute atmosphere, nice service and the burgers everyone else was wise enough to order looked tasty.

As I was heading to the airport early Phriday morning, I stayed at my very phavorite B&B in Gilroy again.  I got there much earlier than usual, and the lovely hosts, being blog phollowers, knew of my love phor won ton soup so treated me to some homemade deliciousness.

If there were more people in the world like the two ladies who I love and adore beyond words that run this phabulous B&B, they would call it Heaven.


I’m posting from Portland today, and then it’s off to Santa Fe for a week of phood foto phiesta!


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