Dessert Discovery

14 Mar

Just a quick update for all you phollowers…  I’m out of town for the week, exploring the best of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We had a phew technical glitches along the way, so you’ll be seeing a phlurry of posts over the next phew days as I try to catch up…

Phirst off, I phorgot to post the yummy little tartlette I enjoyed as part of Thursday night’s dinner, so here it is.

Phriday morning started early as I left my phavorite B&B and headed back to Portland.  I enjoyed some Greek Yogurt with a bit of honey and some coffee before getting on my way.

I stopped at House of Teriyaki II in Wilsonville to pick up lunch.  I tried their Broccoli Chicken lunch special this time, and they added just the right amount of spice.  Me thinks I will never stop loving this place!  I got through about half of the broccoli chicken and let myself have half of the rice (while I’m not adhering strictly to the bridesmaid diet until after I return from my vacation, I was still trying to be a little bit good…)

It was a long day of class, so we needed sustenance.  Thankfully, one of my awesome classmates (and phood phollower) provided us all with these tasty treats.  Our table shared these, but I must admit, I gorged myself on the majority of the goldfish.  That wholesome snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off is a treat I hadn’t had in years, and I had completely phorgotten the joy hidden within those little guys.

I went out with the girls (and my phella) to Portofino in Sellwood phor dinner- very cute atmosphere and great service.  I wasn’t very hungry, so ordered the House-made antipasto as my main.  The pickled veggies were excellent to the point that I was so excited about eating them, I phorgot to use utensils.

The desserts sounded compelling, especially after chatting with our server whose wife is the mastermind behind them.  We opted for the Creme Brulee Flambe, the Bourbon Pecan Cake and the Olive Oil Cake.

The brulee presentation was quite enjoyable.  The bourbon pecan was very tasty.  The olive oil cake was shockingly superb.  Amazingly light with a uniquely delicious phlavor.  Highly recommended…  Also, learned about an up and coming line of baked goods out of Seattle by the name of Sweet Toby’s.  Worth looking into phor those of you living in the area.  The rest of us will either have to plan a trip, or hope that Toby expands her reach sooner rather than later.


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