15 Mar

I had a little too much phun on Phriday night, which led to a wee bit of phorgetfulness on my part.

It is almost spring, so heck, I’ll say it.  I’m twitterpated… and being twitterpated makes you do things like phorget your purse places- your purse that has not only your wallet and your medication and your phone charger but also things like your camera that you rely on having around so you can pheed yourself…  Thankfully, my misplaced gargantuan purse of awesomeness was located quickly, and I had it back by Saturday morning.

My phavorite gal in Portland hooked me up with breakfast while we were dealing with my twitterpated phorgetfulness.

Do you know the answer to the sweet string cheese trivia? ‘Cause I do… Click here for the answer!

Some classmates and I wandered over to County Grains for lunch.  It was a cold and sprinkly day, so Chicken Dumpling Soup sounded ideal.  I didn’t mean to eat the delicious cheesy roll, but it arrived in my to-go bag completely unbeknownst to me.  Who I am to reject the little guy?  Bridesmaid diet, be damned- he was delicious.

School could not have ended soon enough- not because I didn’t enjoy the professor or the class as a whole (it was actually one the best in the program, I think, if I just weren’t so burned out and dying to graduate…)  The moment class ended, I beelined it outside to my awaiting phella, and off to the airport we went!

While waiting for our phlight to board to Denver, we stopped in at Laurelwood.  All great vacations in my world begin with wings, so of course, I ordered them.  If I were a superstitious gal, I’d have interpreted the lameness of the wings to be a reflection of the trip to come.  However, that is simply not possible, and I’m not superstitious…  so they were meaningless but still crappy. And their beer was good, but nothing compared to Hopworks.  If only there were a HUB at PDX…

Another problem with being twitterpated: sometimes you get too distracted and do things like miss your phlight from Denver to Albuquerque.  So sometimes you end up spending the night (or actually really only about 3 1/2 hours) at a La Quinta Inn near the Denver Airport, and sometimes you have to have dinner (and three martinis) at the only restaurant open at 10pm near the Denver Airport- Ruby Tuesday.  Sometimes…

Let it be said, that while I am quite sure my butter quota for the 2011 year was surpassed by the amount in the broccoli alone, I had a lovely dinner.  Nice bartender, amusing patrons (one of which told us a wonderful story of how he grew up with Jay Z and Biggie), and, again, that whole twitterpated thing.  When you’re twitterpated, you don’t mind when things go wrong, because you’re with your phella, and that makes everything wonderful.

Wow, I might have just overwhelmed myself with cheeseballness on that last one.  I apologize in advance, phoodies, but trust me, he’s worth it 🙂




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