16 Mar

I really thought this whole “chiles being better” in New Mexico thing was just hype used to help the tourist trade.  My bad, New Mexico… my bad.  Those of you who have not yet tasted the difference, learn from my skeptic mistake and stop depriving yourself.

It’s like sweet, spicy butter but better.

We sampled both kinds of breakfast sandwiches from The Aztec Cafe on Monday morning.  I was so phull after half of the one with avocado, green chile and egg on a green chile cheese bagel that I lost the motivation to try the other.  Reports indicate, however, that it was equally delicious.

Thankfully the sandos held us until dinner time, because we had a lovely invitation to join some phriends (new ones for me) at their home phor dinner.  Wow, I love being phriends with chefs…

We started with some amazing red chile dusted blue corn chips with roasted corn salsa (made especially for me so I didn’t have to worry about my myriad of phood allergies)!

My new phriends had been alerted to my love of spice, so our next delectable nibbles were bacon-wrapped peppers stuffed with crab.

Um, yes please…

Chef Jake allowed me in the kitchen to document the dinner preparations…

Once plated, here is the Pork Roulade, stuffed with Cotija cheese and accompanied by garlic, spinach and sweet potatoes.

So delicious, but I lost steam after all the awesome apps…

I phorced myself to make room for dessert- Mexican Chocolate Bread Pudding, the chocolate having been hand delivered from Oaxaca…

I am normally not a chocolate phan, but I’ve never had chocolate that tasted like that.

We phinished off the evening with a phew Irish Coffees (I mean, it is St. Patty’s week, right?) and started making plans phor our next  get-together… which will be in OLD Mexico next year 🙂



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