Happy Camper

17 Mar

My phella and I started Wednesday’s eating escapades at Back Street Bistro.

Never before had I tasted Hungarian Mushroom soup.  Yes, the almost phreakish vibrancy might cause a neophyte to consider it a bit suspect, and no, Santa Fe is not exactly the most logical source for it, but Holy Hungarian Hell, Batman!  That stuff is off the charts…

The Manhattan Clam Chowder was pretty darn great, too, just not quite as unique as its Hungarian cousin.

With St. Patrick’s Day almost upon us, it seemed a shame to pass up on the opportunity for some corned beef, so we split a New York deli style Reuben sando as well.  So good but so glad we split it!

After all the eating out this past week, we decided to give ourselves a little downtime and make it an in-night for dinner.  We spelunked through the local Albertson’s for the most appealing looking ingredients and brought them home to christen the grill at our casita.  We also brought back a phew of the local brews to try, such as the Happy Camper IPA– which was not as bad as we had expected…

The Roswell Alien Amber Ale, however, was as bad as we expected.

Our cooking time nibbles were a Gourmandise with Kirsch and some Casa Blanca Red Chile Beef Jerky.  Neither were much to write home about…

My phella went a wee bit overboard at the store, as the entire population of Santa Fe had not, in phact, accepted our dinner invitation, but phear not, we charged ahead with enough phood to pheed the masses.

While he grilled outside, I roasted my tried and true Brussel sprouts inside.

The phinal result of our team effort was rather phenomenal, especially when you consider that he was grilling completely in the dark with no actual BBQ tools, and I was using an oven, the actual temperature of which was a complete mystery.

Collaborative cooking is definitely at the top of my phavorite activities list, and this evening only served to solidify my love.

There are phew things more wonderful in the world than having someone authentically compliment your cooking.

This girl is one happy camper, and not just because of the beer 🙂


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