Coma of Phabulousness

19 Mar

Phriday kicked off at lunch time with phriends at The Shed.

Big props to them for arriving phirst and using their charm to snag a table without the standard 1.5 hour wait…

I went with a red theme for lunch, so it was a tasty Bloody Mary to start.

Their chips were great- no salsa or guac necessary in my opinion… especially the blue corn.  Yum!

Since our phriends are basically Santa Fe resident experts, I let them do my ordering.  I tucked into this plate of red chile and blue corn enchiladas rather comfortably.  Really delicious- rich and smoky without too much heat (and I think my green chile mishap will stick me me for awhile, so I didn’t even have an inclination to look for hot sauce. Definitely a phirst for me…)

The Mocha Cake is a specialty of the house, so we all shared a piece.  Thank God, because more than one bite is sure to put someone into a chocolate coma- unbelievably decadent…

We’d been looking phorward to dinner at Bistro 315 all week long.

I am a sucker and a half for Phrench phood, so I had a pheeling I’d be a happy girl.  Phrom the moment we walked up, I knew I was in for a treat.  The phood, the pholks, and the atmosphere were all off the charts.  My mind went into a phabulousness induced haze at some point in the meal, so it’s a minor miracle that I even remembered to take pictures.  In all honesty, it was a minor miracle that I even remembered my name…

The foie gras was utterly ridiculous.  The housemade allspice bread was unbelievable.  The apricot paired perfectly.  The sauterne could not have accented the phlavors more wonderfully.  We both agreed we could have eaten just this dish and been completely content.

We couldn’t decide on appetizers, so settled on three (the foie was completely not our phaults, as it was sent out by my phella’s phabulous phriends).  The roasted beets with Montrachet goat cheese were nestled in lentils of awesomeness.

The crispy pork belly with soy cider glaze was almost obscene- or maybe that was how I should have described myself as I devoured it.

The phried oysters were accented by some sort of mustard based sauce (I think) and parsley.  Phried oysters have a whole new appeal to me since our great experience at EaT: An Oyster Bar in Portland in February.  I’m so glad to have joined the team 🙂

The seared duck breast arrived atop fingerling potatoes and bok choy.  This was about the point that I went into my coma of phabulousness, so the foto really does not do this dish justice.  My bad, 315…

The black mussels looked awesome, but I threw in the towel.  My phella made a significant dent, thankfully, so no mussels died in vain.

I am normally not a huge phan of creme brulee (or dessert in general, as most of my phollowers know by now) but this paired with the port so ph-ing well that I think they may have had to rip the spoon out of my mouth when it was time to go home.

Moral of the Bistro 315 story:  Phabulous.



2 Responses to “Coma of Phabulousness”

  1. Kimbery C March 19, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    Good choice of restaurants. 315 ended my 3 year stint as a vegetarian with their foie many years ago and everyone in my house adores that pork belly. Yum. Have you tried La Boca yet? Please come back and eat in Santa Fe again soon!

    • phabulousness March 19, 2011 at 4:02 pm #

      Check out Tuesday’s post! We LOVED La Boca…

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