21 Mar

Things I dislike (in no particular order):

Bad chicken wings

Plane Delays

Living in a different state than my phella


So that being said, Sunday, I didn’t like you.  Breakfast was the best meal of the day.  Not pictured is the cold piece of pizza from the day before which was thoroughly enjoyable.  I am a big believer in pizza improving with age up to a maximum of 12 hours…

My phella had a Blake’s Lotabuger breakfast burrito which I sampled and surprisingly really enjoyed.  Good thing because their coffee was nothing short of crap in a cup.  Dislike.

“Lunch” was beer and wings at some spot in the Albuquerque airport.  I phorced myself to eat three of the wings, not because they were a) good, b) worthy of being eaten or c) worth the calories but because d) eating wings helps me relieve stress.  Something about ripping meat off of bones with my teeth helps me curb my ephemeral craziness.  Yes, this sounds horribly troglodyte-ish of me, but it’s honest.

After the wings, my phella headed one way and I headed the other.  Dislike.

He was delayed on his connection home in SLC, and I was delayed at LAX.  Dislike.

LAX had the power go out twice and I got “rained” on through the roof.  Dislike.

The only restaurant open was McDonalds, so my only dinner option was a soggy sando.  Dislike.

I dumped the sando after one crappy bite, and wallowed in my dislikeness and started the bridesmaid diet one meal earlier than expected…

Yep, I realize I just made up a word. 🙂  


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