I ain’t phancy…

21 Mar

What do you do to phollow up a day that put you into a coma of phabulousness?

You start out with beer, of course.  Duh… winning.

(Disclaimer: While my main purpose through this year of blogging is to phocus on the phood and use as many horribly obnoxious “ph” substitutions as possible, pop culture will, at points, sneak through.  That being said, I highly recommend Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes. I mean, it IS phood related…)

A shout out to my Montana peeps and the awesome beer I sampled from Big Sky Brewing Co.   How can you go wrong with beers named Trout Slayer and Moose Drool?

What goes best with beer, you ask?  Pizza, of course!  We made our own and went with a half green chile and pepperoni and a half sundried tomatoe, basil and pinon pie at Upper Crust Pizza.

In the late afternoon, I was pheeling a bit guilty that I’d been eating like such a boy, so I eased my guilt with a phew organic carrots.

Then the unthinkable happened.

I WILLINGLY went to Cities of Gold Casino in Pojoaque, New Mexico…

to watch a UFC phight…

surrounded by smokers, really drunk bikers and girls who had gotten a little too personal with cans of Aquanet…

and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Again, I blame that whole being twitterpated thing…  and the order and a half of these surprisingly delicious hot wings I ate.

Moral of today’s story:  I ain’t phancy…


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