23 Mar

Breakfast spoke for itself… literally.

I had lunch at Shogun in Salinas with a good phriend.

We shared edamame, and I had miso soup and tako sashimi.

My day started badly and got progressively worse as the day wore on.  It ended with me setting the alarm off at work not once, not twice but three glorious times.  It seemed the perfect culmination to a total crap day (other than a very enjoyable lunch!)

When I got home, I ate my pheelings a little bit and noshed on this buffalo wing cheese I phound at Safeway.  Phreaking delicious, nice and spicy and helped me pheel a little less crapadoodly.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes… it has the potential to be worse than today, which is a terrifying thought.  Keep your phingers crossed for me, if you please.


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