Just phollowing the rules…

28 Mar

Sunday brought with it the cutest thing that poops itself this side of the Mississippi… yes, that’s right… my Godson (well will be soon).

I enjoyed lunch with his mom, aunt and grandparents and completely overate.  It’s not my phault, though!  When someone makes homemade bread, you HAVE to eat it.  It’s on page one of the Carboholic Bible.

Page one, paragraph two of the Carboholic Bible CLEARLY states that all kinds of homemade bread MUST be sampled…

I need to start reading different books!

I went to dinner with my Pops at Noodle Bar, as he is a pho enthusiast yet he had never been.  I went with my tried and true phavorites, the Five Spice Wings (which he loved, too) and the Won Ton Soup.

It’s a little known phact that in the preface to the Wing Enthusiast Anthology, it dictates that wings must be ordered any and every time they appear on a menu.  So really, I was just phollowing the rules.

And with soup this good, how could I order anything else???  I did save some for a phuture meal, but I’m pretty sure I’m still disgustingly phull.

Oh Noodle Bar, you never disappoint…


2 Responses to “Just phollowing the rules…”

  1. Alex March 29, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    hi! I’m lauren’s roommate at U of A and just wanted to say we read phoodfotos everyday and absolutely love it!! You definitely deserve a book deal or something!!
    -phast phan
    p.s. you have turned me on to yummy pb and honey sandwiches! 🙂

    • phabulousness March 29, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

      That’s phabulous, Alex! Phood Fotos might just need to send you a phan appreciation package… Make sure Lauren sends me your address 🙂

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