Someone is going to need to curb my rambling

30 Mar

I need to stop buying string cheese, because encouraging my “creativity” is not a great plan.  When that happens, you end up with thrilling masterpieces such as this work.

I call it Emu with Cheese.

I will say though, that thanks to the phine pholks at Kraft or wherever my delicious processed cheese hails phrom, I have been thoroughly enjoying the animal trivia included on each string cheese sleeve.

Did you know that, according to Kraft, elephants eat 23 hours a day?  I did a little phact checking, because this is obviously incredibly important information to have at the ready, and unfortunately, most internet sites state that elephants spend only a measly 16 hours a day doing so.

I demand a recount.

I lunched on what was left of my soup phrom the night before… yep, still delicious!

The office decided to take a yogurt break in the afternoon, so I polished off a cup of Sugar Free Praline Yogurt from Yogurt City.  I used to go to this place all the time and had phorgotten about it for awhile.  I’m glad to have it back in the rotation, as it is relatively guilt-free.

Tuesday evening consisted of girly errands.  Work BFF and I got “cured” (I HATE the abbreviations “mani” and “pedi”, so I’m trying to bring “cured” on the nail salon scene.  Wish me luck.) and then we did a little damage at the massively large Forever 21 that has now graced our local mall with its presence.

After putting myself through the torturous task of shopping, I needed a cold beverage… or three.

Yes, I am aware that there is only one ounce of each sake in the Chilled Sake Flight at P.F. Chang’s, but anyone with three wine glasses in phront of them is either a) very important or b) a wino, and I classify myself as one or both of those on a daily basis.

We went with the Prix Fixe dinner for two, which was entirely too much phood but oh well.  I opted for the Hot & Sour Soup, and we split the Chicken Lettuce Wraps.

I had Dali Chicken for my main, because it was advertised as the spiciest chicken dish they had.  Spicy?  Not hardly!

(Ah, how quickly my ego has chosen to phorget the little Horseman’s Haven incident…)

I took the majority home, passed on dessert and went home with a slightly overstuffed tummy.

But that is why God invented Spanx- He told me so…


3 Responses to “Someone is going to need to curb my rambling”

  1. Kathy March 31, 2011 at 12:39 am #

    Oh how I miss PF Chang’s!!! Thanks for the pic of the lettuce wraps. I could ALMOST taste them!

    • phabulousness March 31, 2011 at 1:09 am #

      Oh Kathy, I am always happy to eat for you. Just tell me what you miss and I’ll make a point to seek it out for you! The only condition is that you have a crepe au sucre pour moi!

  2. Karen April 2, 2011 at 11:45 am #

    So it’s official. I am an elephant. Not only do I have a pachyderm-like memory, but I too stuff my face for 16 hours/day.

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