Almost Week-Old Wednesday

4 Apr

The past week has been a bit over-scheduled, shall we say…

So here comes some catch up!

I phell in love with Hungarian Mushroom Soup during my trip to Santa Fe, so a sweet phriend made me his version to compare.

This one was vegan (until I added the sour cream) and was completely different but still delicious.  What a wild and wonderful world of Hungarian soup I’ve joined!

The day was amazingly beautiful, and I finished work with plenty of daylight left to enjoy.  I rounded up the pup and met my phavorite phellow blogger for a long, lovely stroll through Monterey.

We phinished up the phabulous evening with dinner at a place neither of us had ever tried- which is impressive if you consider that we’re both born and bred locals…

Favaloro’s Big Night Bistro is a phamily owned spot in Pacific Grove that strikes a phunny balance between quaint and cheeseball.  Overall- quite cute!

I had bread because I wanted to try their white bean puree.  It left a bit to be desired, so I only had a bite.

We indulged in their special- a panko crusted avocado with crab salad.  It was crispy, creamy, warm and dreamy.

Seriously yummy, and I seriously polished off the majority of the plate.

Since the restaurant phocuses on oysters, I went with the Asiago Baked Oyster appetizer for my entrée.  While there was some shell remnants to navigate that made me second guess most of my bites, the phlavor itself was highly enjoyable.

The service was also pleasant, and we had a great window table.

I love phamily run places, and it’s nice to see something stay open in Pacific Grove instead of joining the ranks of the many empty storefronts for rent!


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