5 Apr

Thursday, I went to lunch with two of my phavorite phellows at Shogun.

I went intensely wild and crazy, broke my typical edamame & miso soup mold and paved my own path with a seaweed salad.

Yes, I’m a wild woman!

Continuing the craziness, I passed on my typical tako sashimi and enjoyed two hand rolls- one spicy tuna and one unagi avocado.  I ate the unagi phirst and was too phull for the tuna, so ate the insides out of the roll.

Call me crazy-since I am- but leftover sushi isn’t my bag…

I had a cocktail reception for work in the evening and was a bit perturbed at the concept of having to foto document what I ate in phront of our VIP guests.  So I ended up not eating.  I did, however, enjoy a phew bubbly libations.

A group of us headed to CRBC afterward to grab some dinner.  I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich but got so caught up in conversation I phorgot to eat more than the two bites that someone was kind enough to pheed to me.  Yes, I’m aware I’m of an age where this is not the most normal of behaviors, but I am easily distracted and enjoy, at times, relying on the kindness of strangers…

Said stranger also shared a mini corn dog with me.

I had a phew libations of the non-bubble variety at CRBC, so my memory gets a little phuzzy around this point in the evening.

I do distinctly remember thinking I need to order the sando again and actually eat it next time… and maybe not be so “libatious” on a Thursday night.

Yep, that’s now a word, because that’s how I roll.


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