Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

7 Apr

Prepare yourself for a phlood of phood…

I phell behind due to my whirlwind wedding weekend that included a lot of phriends, phood, phun and phestivities 🙂

Instead of waxing poetic on all of it, I’m just going to throw it all out there and see what sticks.  I can’t even guarantee that it’s all in chronological order, but I do know I managed to snap a foto (however phuzzy) of everything I ate.  I’m quite proud of myself all things considered!

I started Phriday with a poached egg and bacon on an English muffin.

I had some healthy snacks at some point…

I also had some of my very phavorite yogurt- Siggi’s!

Let’s call this an open-phaced brie sandwich…

The Peanut Butter & Jelly mini cupcake our phriend hand-delivered phrom Baked by Melissa in New York was quite the tasty treat!

I made a phew different sandwiches to pheed the masses over the weekend, and I chowed down on this one- prosciutto, brie and arugula.

The rehearsal dinner for my phriend’s wedding was a blast, but SO.MUCH.PHOOD.  I was powerless to resist…

Such delicious sourdough…

Tasty antipasti at Alioto’s at Fisherman’s Wharf

A salad course and then a pasta course…

Then a massive plate of delicious phish and veggies…

And phinished off with a very interesting pine nut cookie!

The actual day of the wedding brought all sort of phun nibbles…

I brought Lula’s truffles to share with the bridal party- this one was Cholula phlavored.

Not quite remembering what this bite was, but I remember it being yummy!

This fig and goat cheese bite was DE.LI.CIOUS!

Special thanks to the phriend who helped take this phood foto for me 🙂

Phancy mushroom bisque!

The meal at the reception (at The Fairmont in San Francisco) was unbelievable!

Everything was absolutely delicious (which I phully expected because the bride has impeccable taste- obviously… she put me in the bridal party, duh!)

I didn’t actually swallow the bite of bread I took phrom the picture below, as I stupidly decided to try some of the pink butter of death on top of it.  Next time, the girl with the deadly strawberry allergy will just say no to pink butter…  Ah well, you live, you learn, and I am sure the wedding guests who didn’t know me thought I was the rather amusing drunk bridesmaid in the bathroom drooling all over herself and slurring.

Wow, what an impressive image of myself!

The phish was my phavorite part- miso glazed bass on saffron rice.  Phabulous!

I was too phull to eat any of the beautiful wedding cake, so opted for some coffee and biscotti instead.

Okay, definitely realizing these photos are out of order… but this was a great breakfast at Rose’s Cafe in San Francisco.

Great breakfast pizza with prosciutto and poached eggs!

We also tried the Chicken Tarragon Sausage w/ Poached Eggs, Polenta & Spicy Tomatoe Sauce.

Other than the sausage (which was dry and overcooked), it was phabulous!!!

After I got back to town after all the phestivities, I met a phabulous phriend for a bite at CRBC.  We split the Onion Ings (this is how they are listed on the menu) which I had one of, and the Ahi Poke (as delicious as I had remembered it…)

So that catches me up to the end of Sunday. Phew!!!

I’ll try to tackle Monday and Tuesday tomorrow…


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