Last Monday

8 Apr

Monday, I was in recovery mode after the phun-philled weekend.

I started the day as any healthy person would- with chocolate!

The squares were wedding phavors attached to a lovely note from my phurry phriend, Gus.  🙂

Amazingly, the chocolate didn’t exactly tide me over, so I went next door to the trusty liquor store (hey, that rhymes!  I hear a country song coming on…) and picked up some of my phavorite spicy lime peanuts…

Work BFF, another coworker and myself wanted to go to Salinas City BBQ for lunch.  Sadly, we didn’t learn until we’d gotten there that they are closed on Mondays- no wonder we had such an easy time phinding a parking spot!

So we went to one of our tried and true phavorites- Habanero.

They now have sit down service, which is awfully nice, and I really truly believe that the gentlemen who work there are some of the very nicest people on the planet.

We love it here…

They even brought out some delicious (and spicy) habanero salsa (which is cilantro phree- yippee for me!)

I ordered the Veracruzana, which I’d had once before.  It was as delicious as the phirst time, and the rice and beans were so good, it seemed a crime not to scrape every last remnant off of my plate.

I was beyond phull for the rest of the day.

I got home around 9:30 and realized I probably should eat something, so I whipped up some Shirataki noodles with an egg and some onion and such.  I ate a phew bites before I phell asleep on the couch.

Ah, the glamorous life I lead…






3 Responses to “Last Monday”

  1. Kristen Botill April 11, 2011 at 9:28 am #

    Yay Gus is famous! 🙂

    • phabulousness April 17, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

      Boot- That pic someone posted of the “best dog” is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…


  1. Phood for the Soul « phoodfotos - June 7, 2011

    […] the phajitas for the phirst time… as tasty as anything I’ve had there (although the Veracruzana remains number one in my […]

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