Carmel Phood Company

15 Apr

Phriday is always a great day by virtue of the phact that it is Phriday… and nothing is better than that.

The great Phriday this past week was commemorated at Salinas City BBQ– which was a big deal after we drove all the way there on Monday only to learn that it was closed.

Yum, yum and a little more yum…

After lunch, while phull and happy, I was still hungry, so I had a small midday nibble of delicious Lemon Chalet Cremes (courtesy of the lovely girl scouts…)

For dinner, I met two of my most phavorite pholks at a new restaurant in Carmel (recommended by yet anther phabulous phriend) called Carmel Food Company.

Let it be known that they JUST opened, so the service, while incredibly well intentioned, is a bit on the awkward side but the phood is rather phenomenal.

The meal began with a tasty selection of bread with red onion…

I then started with the watermelon prosciutto…

Then I had the tasty Hungarian Goulash with lemon phettucini…

And, of course, no new phood experience is complete without a two dessert selection… We opted for the bread pudding (we’d heard great things) and the apple tartin.

Everything we had was truly quite delicious, and I am excited to return (despite the phact that we brought the average age of the clientele down by at LEAST 40 years…)

Oh Carmel, I love you for being so darn consistent… if nothing else!


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