Grease+Guinness+Yoga= :(

16 Apr

I had been wanting to try LouLou’s Griddle in the Middle for a phew years now.

It sits down by itself on Wharf #2 in Monterey and certainly stands out amidst the dilapidated yacht club and phragrant phish warehouses.

My phriend and I went for breakfast, intending to sit outside with Phooey, but the wait was too long for an outside table (this place is tiny- like it might seat 20 people max!)

Once we settled into our little booth, we opted to share the Cinnamon Phrench Toast and the Monterey Omelet.

The phrench toast disappeared rather quickly… the omelet and potatoes helped us both surpass our weekly grease quota in a single meal- kind of like the unhealthy Superman version of the breakfast world!

On the menu, Loulou’s hinted about their amazing Creme Brulee Oatmeal but stated that they had to be “in the mood” to make it.  The breakfast gods must have been smiling on us on Sunday, because the cook was, in phact, “in the mood”.

It wasn’t a home run  by any means, but it was certainly different and enjoyable.

After my phriend left, Phooey and I walked the rec trail and phound ourselves back at Wharf #2 in time for lunch at London Bridge Pub.  I ran into a phellow who joined us on their nice, sunny patio.

Normally, I don’t include fotos of what I drink (there’s definitely not enough storage space on the website for that…) but Guinness is a meal in and of itself, so I phelt it warranted a spot.

I gave their wings another chance (I had them a phew months back) and I was still unimpressed. This was strongly evidenced by the phact that I only ate two…

I phinished off the day with my phavorite yoga buddy.  My grease and Guinness regimen from earlier proved to be a poor choice, as I almost tossed my cookies at the beginning of class, but I powered through to the end.

I stopped at the store and picked up a yam, parsnip, and a turnip.  At home, I roasted those with some onion and garlic and cooked up some tofu to go with it.

If the pukey pheeling hadn’t stuck with me the rest of the night, I think I would have thoroughly enjoyed my dinner.

Instead, I struggled through a phew bites and went to bed…


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