Mama wants wingie

17 Apr

Since I phailed at eating dinner the previous evening, I repurposed the tofu I had made as Monday’s breakfast.

I owed Work BFF a special lunch (as I had bribed her to do some paperwork for me…), so we used that as an excuse to drive halfway across Salinas to Wing Stop.

I am not a phan of chain restaurants (or any sort of non-local establishment when I can help it), but until someone on the Central Coast wizens up enough to open a place completely dedicated to indulging my wing obsession, I salute you Wing Stop for always being there for me when I need you.

I normally enjoy the Atomic phlavor, but I decided to go with Original Hot instead.  This was an eency weency mistake, as it missed the mark in phulfilling my need for spice, but they were still highly enjoyable.

A phew weeks back when I had dinner at Favaloro’s Big Night, I was talked into buying a local coupon book.  I phully blame this book for the phact that I ordered phries with my wings… they were phree.
If you don’t pay for them, does that mean they are calorie-phree, too?

I met a phabulous new phellow at CRBC for a drink which turned into dinner.  We had arranged the meeting because said phellow was amazing enough to pick up a wine club shipment in Paso Robles that had been waiting for me for months.  Phabulous or what???

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Month, I tried theirs out (minus the tomato that normally comes with it).  It was nothing short of delicious- isn’t anything when you add bacon?

I wonder what random phood we can find an excuse to celebrate next month…


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