Grilled Cheese, continued…

18 Apr

Sometimes work gets in the way of my day.  It’s very phrustrating.  Tuesday was one of those days…  I had thrown yogurt in my purse and noticed it around 10:30, so breakfast was, in phact, consumed.


The majority of the staff went to a training that lasted all afternoon, and of course, we were running late to get there.  Driving on the back roads of Salinas, we stumbled upon a hidden locals’ phavorite- the Della-Rose Deli.

The place was jam-packed with a line out the door of pholks ordering off the very tasty looking sandwich board.  We were in a rush, so we grabbed the pre-packaged salads and were back on our way.  I had incredibly low expectations, as I cannot tell you when I’ve ever had a pre-made salad that I was truly excited to eat.

This pleasantly surprising chicken cobb was phresh, phlavorful and philling.  Hooray for pre-made salads!

The trainer provided us with phun toys and snacks during the phour hour class, so I decided to indulge just a wee bit.

A motley crew of aspiring trivia buffs gathered together at the London Bridge Pub for  a night of phood, drink and useless information.  Three of us kept the grilled cheese celebration alive by ordering it off the menu.  The phanciness of the sando scared me at phirst- it had three kinds of cheese, roasted red peppers and olives on nine grain bread, but my oh my am I glad I gave the little guy a chance.

Seriously one of the best grilled cheeses I’ve had… ever.

I hope this month doesn’t ruin me on grilled cheese.  Wait… like that’s possible!


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