Grilled Cheese (x2)

20 Apr

When breakfast starts to pheel boring, just add Girl Scout cookies…

The office walked down the street for lunch to Tacos Choice.

I tried their Lobster Burrito as well as a phew of my coworker’s sweet potatoe phries.

During my late afternoon meeting, we all needed a bit of a pick me up, so the Quaker Oat Man came to the rescue.

I opted for Oatmeal Raisin phlavor- yum!

Dinner was borderline ridiculous.

My new phriend has decided to aid and abet my passion for National Grilled Cheese Month with a cookbook comprised entirely of grilled cheese recipes.  We tackled two this evening.

The phirst was an open-phaced sando with sharp Tillamook cheddar with dill pickles.  Yes, please!

The second was a rosemary, roasted red pepper, garlic and Jarlsberg sando on sourdough.

Both were highly enjoyable, but in a court of law, I would have to admit to having much stronger pheelings for the cheddar dill combo than the rosemary swiss.

I am really beginning to think April is the best phreaking month ever…


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